Dax Leather

A brand new luxurious experience

DAX leather is a new variation of DAX, the first cascading pull tab wallet in the world. DAX makes accessing cards not just easy but also enjoyable. Meanwhile, with DAX leather we set a higher standard with its originality to bring you a brand new luxurious experience.

Low-key luxury

The brand new DAX leather is a handmade wallet. We took care of every single detail to ensure perfect craftsmanship and brought you a classic yet innovative version of DAX that feels even better in your hands

Classy & Mature

In this version, we use leather to create a classy and mature look & feel. It is the best choice for someone who want a classic wallet with a special design.

Thin yet functional

Just like DAX, DAX leather holds up to 5 cards in its main compartment, and an extra slot at the back to put an extra card or cash.